Virtual Telephone Agent for Roadside Assistance. Voicebot handles routine calls

Client:Europ Assistance
Period:First phase of Q1 2020 – April 2021
Main achievements:Higher availability and faster handling of calls while maintaining high customer satisfaction

Europ Assistance is a provider of roadside assistance services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Because of their strong international background and know-how, they are able to offer their customers specialized insurance and tailored service solutions.

We started our cooperation with VOCALLS after an unsuccessful project with a foreign company which was unreliable, did not communicate well and did not deliver the achieved results. I must say that as a start-up, VOCALLS made a huge impression on us regarding the quality of the services provided, meeting delivery deadlines, and last but not least, support.

The communication with VOCALLS worked very well. We could not have asked for a better replacement, I can wholeheartedly recommend them. Special thanks to Mr. Čermák, who has been more than helpful throughout the implementation of the entire project.

Main achievments

Customer Satisfaction
Increased by 80%
Time Reduction
By 3 min. / call
Increased by 25%


Ensure the availability of the voicebot 24 hours a day
Improve the availability of the service at the busiest hours
Reduce waiting time on the phone
Increase customer satisfaction
Reduce staff costs
Create more time for human operators so that they can deal with more complex or unusual situations
Increase road safety by faster intervention, for example when towing a dangerous vehicle

Technical Solutions and Implementation

Maximum efficiency

The voicebot gathers the required information to quickly arrange a tow or assistance. The call is efficiently tailored to the specific situation of the caller.

Call script design

The call script is carefully prepared in accordance with the specifics of the client's assignment (conveyed in SIP headers). Data (registration number, etc.) is validated against the EA database for maximum identification accuracy and converted to standardized values as required by EA. At the same time, direct transcripts of the caller's speech (Speech To Text) are transmitted for security reasons.

The caller communicates the location by text message, or simply by speech. At the caller's request, the call can be transferred to a human operator at any point during the conversation and all information already obtained will be transmitted immediately (a warm transfer). At the end of the call, the data is transferred via the web service to EA, the call is terminated and evaluated in the helpdesk system.


The voicebot reduced the average call by 3 minutes compared to the call carried out by human operators (4 minutes vs. 7 minutes). The availability of telephone lines supported by the voicebot is 20% higher compared to the lines without it.

Approximately 80% of customers who were assisted by the voicebot were satisfied with the service. During April 2021, the robot handled 3,092 incoming calls through 3 channels: 38% directly from people who needed assistance, 17% via the EA WebApp and 45% via an operator. Approximately 600, or 36% of the calls were fully automated. This resulted in a substantial cost reduction.

EA is interested in equipping their call centers with voicebots in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Poland and the USA. In the Czech Republic they achieved remarkable results in a very short period of time.


Call time reduction

Voicebot compared to human operators: 4 min vs. 7 min


Increased by 25%

Customer satisfaction

Increased by 80%

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