24 September 2021

Case Study: Virtual Assistant in the AAA AUTO Customer Center

AAA AUTO decided to solve the issue of a large number of repetitive customer requests as well as save the time of their human operators by deploying artificial intelligence in their call center in the form of a voicebot and a chatbot.

Our voicebot can recognize the most frequent requests of callers, such as:

  • questions about buying, selling or trading in a car
  • questions about contracts and other documents
  • questions about payments
  • complaints
  • and others

At the same time, it also achieves comparable results to human operators in the area of customer satisfaction and often exceeds their success rate. VOCALLS virtual assistant is therefore successfully involved in communication with AAA AUTO customers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland and at the moment, we are discussing the use of virtual assistants in other countries as well.

5-time Czech Contact Center Award Winner